Links and downloads

I have nothing to do with the following links/downloads. But they're very useful!


Patch - Before installing anything for AVP2, install this first!
Master Server Patch - Needed for online play (new Master Server).
Singleplayer Map Update - A patch for the singleplayer maps.
Multiplayer Map Update - Official mappack. Adds several multiplayer maps to the game.
AVP2 Toolkit + update - Tools for creating mods. Update included.
WinRez LT Studio - For extracting and creating .REZ-files (packages with files AVP2 uses).
Ultimate Mappack 2 (Updates: #1, #2, #3, #4) - Contains most custom made AVP2 maps.
PROJAM Mod 4.4 Final - A mod that gives AVP2 new sounds, skins, physics, weapons and more.


Aida32 - A professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program.
avast! Antivirus - A good free antivirus program. Requires free registration.
AVPGalaxy - Information, news and more concerning anything related to Alien or Predator.
AvP Central - Lists and trivia about the Alien and Predator series.
Awardspace - A great provider for free and paid web hosting.
Daemon Tools - Let's you create a virtual disc drive and mount CD/DVD images.
DOSBox - Makes you run old DOS programs/games perfectly on the latest systems.
=EC= The Evolution Clan (forums) - A European AVP2 clan.
Filefront - Hosts lots of downloads for lots of games.
GameSpy Arcade - Browse game servers, join game chatrooms, etc. Account required.
MegaGames - Website for No-CD cracks, patches, news and more.
Photobucket - A good site for hosting images and videos.
PortForward - A useful site for setting up your router or firewall. Great help for opening ports.
SpeedFan - A tool to monitor your temperatures and controll your fans.
Strategy Informer - Has a lot of game info, mods, etc.
Wayback Machine - Revisit sites the way they were years ago. Even those that are offline now.
WinRAR - A powerful archive manager. Decompress and create archives in RAR and ZIP file format.
Xfire - A must-have for PC gamers. Chat, upload screenshots and videos, browse servers, etc.