What is AVP2?


Aliens vs. Predator 2, commonly referred to as AVP2, is a FPS videogame released by Sierra and Fox for the PC and MAC in 2001, developed by Monolith. It's the sequel to Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator released in 1999, but unlike it's predecessor this one has a great and detailed story.

In it, you can play as two of the scariest Sci-Fi movie monsters ever created; the Alien (or Xenomorph) and the Predator, but also as the Colonial Marine known from the movie Aliens. These three species each have their own campaign with unique FPS gameplay. So basically it's like you have three games in one.

The Colonial Marine
The Marine campaign feels like a true First Person Shooter. You've got big guns (from the Alien and Predator movies) and lots of enemies to kill. However, the atmosphere is completely unique. You'll find out yourself how scary the Aliens and Predators actually are.

The Predator
The Predator is an alien (an alien, not an 'Alien' !!) humanoid creature with a range of higly advanced weaponry and tools. Unlike the Marine, the Predator relies on stealth to hunt on worthy creatures (like humans!) for sport. Of course, his cloaking device comes in handy there.

The Alien
Now the Alien is one of the most interesting species. I'm not saying that because I'm a huge Alien fan, but it really is interesting. The Alien has no ranged weapons, no cloak... So how does it survive? It's a weapon itself. The Alien relies on its claws, tail, inner-jaw (he'll headbite you with it) and nothing else but instinct. Unfair? I don't think so. It's speed is deadly and once you get close to your enemy, he doesn't stand a chance. If you know how to handle the Alien, that is.

There's also an expansion called Primal Hunt, set before the original game. In this expansion you can play as a human Corporate, Predator and Predalien (Alien-Predator hybrid).

More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliens_versus_Predator_2


The game also features multiplayer where you can play as all three species and a second human team, known as the Corporates. There are six multiplayer modes:

The well-known Free for All mode where everyone is your enemy.

Team Deathmatch
Similar to deathmatch but it's species vs. species team based gameplay.

All players start as 'survivors' and earn points by staying alive. If a player dies, he'll molt into a 'mutant' who's goal is to kill the survivors.

One team tries to reach a certain destination, while the other tries to prevent that by killing them.

A timed match similar to Survivor, but each player has a finite number of lives. Points are awarded based on the number of surviving members on each team.

One team are 'Hunters' and score by killing 'Preys'. Preys can kill the Hunters to become the Hunter themselves.

A while ago, the masterserver went offline. This means you cannot play online anymore. BUT... Several people have made a patch that allows you to play online again. Take a look at the Links and Downloads section here.
The patch does not require a key for AVP2, meaning that if you have the game *cough* ILLEGAL *cough*, you can play it online. The patch does not work for Primal Hunt, but hardly anyone ever played that. And there are plenty of mods that give you the same experience.